Our Stewardship Pledge to Donors and Ayuda Mission

We will strive to be worthy of being on your top three charities. As a donor, you will experience world-class appreciation. We will take extra steps by mail, phone, etc. to express our humble gratitude.
We will connect you to Ayuda’s mission. We will deepen our relationship with you through mission-focused contact. And it will be our honor to hear your moment.
We will share with you compelling stories about clients for whom your gift has brought safety and security. We will focus on the positive impact of our work on the world and the difference you are making in people’s lives.
We will respect and honor each individual’s capacity to give and we will value all means of support, including your contribution of time, talent, and wisdom.
We want to know your reasons for giving and will work with you to build a legacy personally meaningful to you.
We recognize that our reputation is everything.  We don’t do anything to threaten it, or yours.
We hope to make you smile as you make immigrant families smile.
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